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It is the rapid test that detects the presence of Protein N (Nucleocapsida) - Antigen in the harvested mucous membranes.


Rapid Antigen Test SARS-CoV-2 (immunochromatography technique) is the rapid test that detects presence of Spike Protein (Antigen) in collected mucous membranes. Probe collection is of nasopharyngeal exudate type. Spike protein (Antigen) is located on the viral membrane and is the "arm" with which the virus binds to human cell and infects it. Spike protein is recognized by the immune system to form specific Anti-SARS-CoV2 antibodies that will bind to this protein. Rapid Antigen Test contains Anti Sars-CoV-2 Antibodies capable of detecting Antigen on collected mucous membranes. The sensitivity of our test is 95% (out of 100 positive patients the test will detect 95) with a specificity of 99% (out of 100 positive patients, 1 will be false-positive). WHO, CDC and ECDC recommendations are that any Rapid Ag Positive Test should be duplicated by an RT-PCR test.

  • Recommended test for: symptomatic patients, patients who cannot wait 6 hours for an RT-PCR test, people traveling to countries that accept Antigen Test.
  • Disadvantages: lower sensitivity than the RT-PCR test; low ability to detect positive but asymptomatic patients (contagious patients);

Note *: Rapid Antigen Test must be collected and performed / analyzed by medical personnel specialized in this regard. Collecting and analyzing / interpreting the test by a person without medical training can lead to false negative results, thus endangering the health of others.